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Horizontal Directional Drilling

Underground Drilling

We-Bore-It is a nationwide company specializing in directional boring and trenching services for both commercial and residential customers. We are known for our great service, excellent customer support, and affordable prices. No matter where you are in the country, we very likely can support you – or we will find you someone who can!

When business and residential customers need to extend existing utilities, water, or install conduits through heavily congested areas, Directional Boring (also referred to at times as, boring, directional drilling, horizontal directional drilling) allows underground connections to be established without compromising historic landmarks, disrupting vehicle and pedestrian traffic or damaging the environment; all while requiring virtually no post-installation restoration.

Directional Boring is often referred to as “trenchless technology” utilizes special machines that install underground conduit with virtually no impact to the surface area, disruption to traffic flow, landscaping or structures. Conduit size typically ranges from 1″ poly or PVC to 12″. Larger diameter boring, rock boring or sleeving projects require larger equipment.

Directional Boring offers the best option for high traffic or sensitive areas without causing disruption to traffic flow, landscaping or structures. Once the crews have cleaned up the work location, it will look like they were never there.

HDD Drilling Services

The following is just a sampling of the type of underground construction, directional boring and trenching projects that are completed everyday by We-Bore-It. Whether you have a small project and just need to get under a driveway or a larger scale project we have the resources and experience to get it done for you. Our services are scalable so no matter what type or size project you have, we can handle a particular component of the project or if you like, we can turnkey the entire project for you. Working with We-Bore-It is like having your own underground construction department – on demand.

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Boring Challenges


River boring presents a host of challenges but nothing that we have not had prior experience dealing with successfully. Although We-Bore-It is not an engineering firm, we can consult and work with civil engineers and government agencies as part of your team. Planning a waterway crossing can be time-consuming and having a team of people experienced in underground construction and the use of directional boring technologies is essential.

Our company was designed from the ground up to work with our customers from the planning stage all the way through execution of the work and post construction activities. It may help to think of us as an on-demand construction team that you can turn to when you need an affordable, reliable and proven solution.

River Crossing Construction

Cold Weather

Important projects do not need to be halted as cold weather approaches and the temperatures plummet to below freezing nor do they necessarily need to be postponed until warmer temperatures return. Instead, all that is required is an experienced team of professionals that can meet the challenges of Winter Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), also referred to as Directional Boring or Directional Drilling. Learn More


“I was referred to We-Bore-It online after our fifth contractor had again ‘humped’ yet another roadway. We were tired to gambling with unknown and unproven contractors. We-Bore-It has been providing us with quality service and directional bore crews for two years now. All I can say is I wish I had found them earlier.”
― S. Lavine, (MO)


Customers Who Use We-Bore-It

  • Golf Course Builders
  • Private Home Owners
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Fortune 500 Companies (AT&T, Charter, Comcast, and others)
  • Local Government Municipalities
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Sewer and Water Contractors
  • Wireless Tower Operators & Contractors
  • Landscaping & Irrigation Companies
  • Government Agencies
  • Builders & Property Management Companies
  • Historical Societies and more…
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