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We-Bore-It specializes in directional boring and trenching, with a focus on underground utility installation. The use of directional boring has proven to save our customers time and money, while preventing unnecessary disruption to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. We can provide an affordable and proven solution for your project!

Why Directional Drilling?

When businesses or homeowners need to extend their existing utilities or install electrical conduit through heavily congested areas, horizontal directional drilling is usually their best option. Referred to as “trenchless technology”, HDD drilling utilizes special machines that install underground utilities without impacting the surface area or disrupting traffic flow. Once crews have cleaned up the work location, it will look like they were never there!

We can handle a particular component of the project or we can turnkey the entire project for you. Working with We-Bore-It is like having your own ON-DEMAND underground construction department!

No project is too tough for our crews!

Using trenchless technologies, our drilling experts can circumvent the most challenging of environments. We’re known for boring in areas where others say they cannot! We bore through rock, concrete, sand, clay, bluffs, and more.

Missouri Project Example:

Project Location: St Louis, Missouri
Service Type: Directional Boring Services
Project Type: Cable, Phone and Fiber Optic Installations
Scope of Work: Directional Boring services for commercial and residential customers throughout St Louis and surrounding markets in Missouri. Placement of 1.25” inch and 2” inch HDPE underground conduits in right of way, parking lots, driveways, and roadways. Hundreds of satisfied customers and counting.

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Directional Boring vs. Trenching

When should directional boring be used instead of trenching?

Directional boring (horizontal drilling) is a very efficient method of getting into an area, setting up and commencing operations. Open trenching, depending on depth and local ordinances, can require additional labor, planning, supervision, safety precautions, and restoration.

Urban areas such as water crossings, high traffic areas, pedestrian traffic, railroad spurs, and airports are ideal for directional drilling. Rural areas with low vehicle and pedestrian traffic tend to be better suited for open trenching.

Your We-Bore-It Project Coordinator will review your project with you before and after performing a site survey to determine what options are available. The coordinator will also review restoration costs and, where possible, provide you with options to reduce them.

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