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We-Bore-It - Company Background

Affordable directional boring and trenching services in North Carolina
We-Bore-It has been providing directional boring and trenching services to the Cable, Telecommunications and Wireless industry since 1990. The company was founded with the idea of uniting multiple contracting companies under one umbrella company. After years in the industry, and valuable feedback from customers and partners it became clear that they wanted us to expand our operations from that of local to that of a regional or even nationwide operator. Our goal is to offer our residential and commercial customers a service that focuses on all their underground construction needs.

We have achieved this by offering services in-house, and with resource balancing arrangements with trusted vendors, each of which is an expert in their area of responsibility and location. In short, if you have a project in our areas of coverage, the chances are very good that we have a team already in place and ready to make it happen for you.

The implementation, maintenance, and integrity of your project is our top priority. As a company our objective is to enhance customer relationships by proving ourselves everyday,and striving to exceed our customer’s expectations. When we send a crew to your location you can rest assured that they are experienced, trained, fully insured, and compliant with all state regulations.

Underground Services

The following is just a sampling of the type of underground construction, directional boring and trenching projects that are completed everyday by We-Bore-It. Whether you have a small project and just need to get under a driveway or a larger scale project we have the resources and experience to get it done for you. Our services are scalable so no matter what type or size project you have, we can handle a particular component of the project or if you like, we can turnkey the entire project for you. Working with We-Bore-It is like having your own underground construction department – on demand.

Quick Underground Services in North Carolina

  • Road & Highway Boring
  • Residential Driveway Boring
  • Irrigation System Boring
  • Parking Lot Boring
  • Under House/Foundational Boring
  • Force Utility Relocation Boring
  • Riverbed Boring
  • Inter-duct (Conduit) Placement
  • Plant Extension & Repairs.

Do you have questions? Please visit our most Frequently Asked Questions page to review the most commonly asked and answered questions we receive.

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